Małgorzata Dobrowolska – was born in Warsaw, Poland. Małgorzata is an activist and documentary filmmaker who focuses on stories of women. She travels the world to document situations of women in main religions and other spiritual movements. She deeply believes that the key to reach world peace is to restore balance between the energy of men and women and bring about a change on a spiritual level.

Director of the documentary film “Bhikkhunī – Buddhism, Sri Lanka, Revolution”.

The project “Journey” is a series of paintings which are an allegorical tale about the development, transformation and self-discovery. The main character of the story is the human figure. Sometimes it appears as a woman, sometimes its sex is undefined. The protagonist of the story faces challenges, passes through different stages, which ultimately lead to a discovery of the nature of the soul.

The whole project involves numerous references to schools of spiritual development, such as Buddhism, Kabbalah, or Shamanism. We can treat them as a short guide presenting the ideas and concepts of these philosophies in a visual way . However, we have to remember that this is the author’s guide which is a record of personal experience.